impédancemètre dédié à l'animal

Z-Equin impedancemeter, instant analysis of the animal’s health

The Z-Equin, an impedancemeter dedicated to animals, is based on the validation of the Z-Metrix, an impedancemeter dedicated to humans. Z-Metrix, today a medical device, has been validated by a clinical study on human people.

True innovation in the world of bioimpedance, we derived the Z-Metrix to obtain a version adapted to horse and cattle, the Z-Equin. A database of 300 horses has been created to allow a correction of the models and the creation of healthy values bases ​​for each indicator.

In three seconds, by placing four ECG electrodes on the animal, you get a complete diagnosis of bovine and equine body composition for nutritional and physical activity.


  • Help with the physical preparation of the animal
  • Monitoring nutrition and supplementation programs
  • Mobile, fast and painless diagnosis

They are customers

  • Cadre Noir de Saumur
  • Fanny Perrin, animal osteopath
  • Center of hydrotherapy and care of Ecuries du Grand Mé

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