Impédancemètre professionnel Z-Métrix

Improve your patient follow-up and reach your goals as quickly and safely as possible with your Bioparhom impedancemeter. This intelligent technology is combined with expert knowledge in bioimpedance to develop devices that offer unmatched features and capabilities.

Our Z-Metrix device, an impedancemeter designed in 2010, allows an optimal measurement of body composition. In just two seconds, reliable clues will help you get an optimal diagnosis of the nutritional status of your patients.

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The brand Bioparhom is unique because the quality’s products is 100% made in France

Designed for you:

  • the only impedancemeter in the world that allows measurement in a lying down and standing up position (ideal for consultation in the office or at home)
  • a non-deductive impedance measurement to be precise on each block of indicators
  • nutritional, micro-nutritional, aromatherapy and phytotherapy recommendations based on the results of the measurement
  • easy to use, it’s your everyday tool
  • a competent team at your service

Complete and easily readable results in three forms

Fat mass and muscle mass obviously but also bone mass, water distribution and indicators of fitness.

The results are visible in three forms:

  • simplified with smileys for your patient
  • complete with gauges for your own reading
  • graphic to control evolution

How to buy the product

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