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Bioimpedance at the service of health, nutrition and well-being

As a French bioimpedance expert company, we support those for whom the results are essential with tools :

– Clinically and scientifically validated
– Dedicated to professionals
– Daily help with your practice
​- Allowing you to significantly increase your activity

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Our values

BioparHom (Biology For human, based on Ω (Ohms)) was founded at the service of therapists and their patients.

With over 10 years of research at the University of Technology of Compiègne, Bioparhom keeps its DNA “research and development» to make you benefit from the latest international advances. Experts in bioimpedance, simple, fast and inexpensive technique, we wanted to use it to help in your therapeutic practice, or sports accompaniment, through diagnostic tools. In order to fully satisfy you and to ensure a qualitative follow-up, our products are of French design, validation and manufacturing. They comply with all European recommendations on medical devices.

Our missions

At the forefront of bioimpedance research, BioparHom designs, manufactures and markets medical devices for body composition analysis. The fields of application are varied and the performances of the devices prove to be valuable in diagnostic, clinical and scientific phases. Our goal is to provide health, nutrition and sports professionals, as well as researchers and veterinarians with the most reliable measurement and diagnostic tools possible in terms of body composition data (tissues, fluids and metabolism). We mainly address to the health (nephrology, oncology, geriatrics…) and nutrition (medical nutrition, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors…) markets.

The quality of our products is now recognized in these markets and we are continuing our research to improve our devices (such as the possible use of prone patients for elderly or obese patients) and especially to accompany our users ever more.

La bioimpédance au service des nutritionnistes
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